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If you’re looking for an excuse to visit us, check out our top 10 reasons.


We are culture

Spain’s first and only museum dedicated to the culture of beer.


We are a brewery

A museum inside a working Estrella Galicia brewery in A Coruña.


We are a museum

But a museum that is more about experiences than just standing and staring.


We are sensations

Sensations to be experiences with all five senses.


We are unique

The first to make a stand for the value of beer.


We are the home of Estrella Galicia

Culture and history nourished by beer.


We are tradition

Lovers of the art of crafting beer.


We are a destination

Your pilgrimage centre.


We are fun

Beer pairs well with having a great time.


We are #MEGALevel

Taking beer to the next level.

Now you’ve made up your mind – Personalise your visit!

Discover MEGA with our visits, workshops and special packs

Choose your experience

Round off Our Beer Experience to perfection with a pairing session that includes 5 of our beers and 5 Galician cured meats.
Disfruta de un Ecotour Cervecero durante un día completo, descubriendo la importancia del agua y del lúpulo de una forma diferente.
Disfruta de una exclusiva experiencia que combina cultura de cerveza y bienestar
MEGA’s latest experience includes a fascinating tasting workshop, turning your visit to the museum into an integral experience. Because beer is an experience for enjoying, sensing and tasting!
Want to see everything A Coruña has to offer? Then why not combine a visit to the city of A Coruña as it was in 1906 with a guided tour of MEGA?
Enjoy our Beer Experience with a pairing session that includes five our beers and five types of Galician tinned seafood.
Fancy enjoying Our Beer Experience? Our guide will accompany you throughout the tour. Your guided tour with beer pulling includes an Estrella Galicia glass for you to take home as a souvenir.
Round off our Beer Experience to perfection with a pairing session that includes 5 of our beers and 5 Galician cheeses.
Spending some time in A Coruña? Then why not combine a visit around the city of A Coruña with a guided tour of MEGA?
Visit our Museum and enjoy free access to all the exhibits and interactive resources.

If you want to have a great detail with someone who deserves it, give MEGA!

15008 A CORUÑA

City bus line 11
Stop C/ Jose María Rivera Corral

FROM 10:30 a.m. TO 8:00 p.m.

Last admissions at 6:00 p.m.


Check out the quarterly calendar

Did you know that MEGA has its own official store?

An exclusive space where you will find unique beer products.

An amazing experience. An authentic interactive visit that gets you hooked right from the start. The beer and cheese tasting was delicious. And learning how to pull your own beer is great fun. Totally recommendable. The staff are delightful.
SANDRA | April 2021
A fabulous Galician experience at MEGA, and interactive museum that takes us on a tour of Galicia’s beer culture. We had an incredible tour guide who really knew how to transmit the Galician tradition and connections with Estrella Galicia beers that is so much a part of us.
TERESA | April 2021
Enjoy a MEGA beer experience.
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