01 In the beginning

Take a journey through time, from the Prehistoric Age to the present day, and learn all about the technical innovations that enable us to enjoy beer as we know it today. 

An opportunity to sense at first hand Estrella Galicia’s pride in its Galician origins: discover how we enjoy our gastronomy; how we support rural communities by working with local producers; how we rock with our teams and our passion for our culture, its traditions and festivals. 

02 Ingredients 

The experience begins with an introduction to the cornerstone of everything we do: the Rivera family. An opportunity to browse through a family album that provides an insight into each period of the family history, revealing the crucial role their progress has played in making us what we are today and how the company’s founder, Jose María Rivera Corral, has successfully passed on his drive, motivation and know-how to later generations. 

This is followed by a tour of the more conventional raw materials: water, hops, cereals and yeast, the four basic ingredients of beer.  You will be able to smell, touch and discover at first hand  the importance of each of these elements in our recipes.  

03 Brewing

Discover how beer is brewed in the traditional heart of our facilities: the Brewhouse, where the master brewers have contributed their personal skill and expertise to produce beers with a unique character. Learn about the four stages of brewing: boiling, fermentation, maturation and conditioning.  

04 Bottling & Canning 

Bottling and canning is a key part of the process, guaranteeing that the beer reaches consumers in optimum conditions. 

MEGA boasts a prime location inside the Estrella Galicia brewery in A Coruña. It is therefore a ‘living’ museum, where you will be able to observe our fellow workers in action, bottling and canning our beers. 

05 Beers and Distribution 

Over the years, our company has built up an extensive portfolio of beers.  

You will discover how the family has grown since it origins back in 1906 until the present day. A line that includes special editions, a wide range of labels and much more besides! 

06 Advertising and Sponsorship 

Our early advertising campaigns and collaborations.  

Relive the brand’s advertising milestones and discover how Estrella Galicia supports talent through its sponsorship of sport and music. 

07 Beer Tasting and Workshops 

To round off your experience in the best possible way, in our Tasting Room you can learn to pull your own draught beer, enjoy a cheese and beer pairing session or even join a beer tasting workshop…and all this in the best possible setting – the home of our beers! 

08 The Store

Last but not least, our Official Store. 

An exclusive space where you will find unique beer products. 

And all this in the company of our expert guides! Check out all the available options and personalise your visit.