Mega & Co includes our collaboration projects with the brands, organisations, associations and others that have accompanied us over the years. We all have values in common and are passionate about our roots and origins.

A tribute to
the origins

Because there is more to culture literature, poetry or philosophy…culture is everything.

Signed Isaac díaz pardo | sargadelos

We have many things in common: tradition, the avant-garde, artisanship and culture, but also beer.

Estrella Galicia and Sargadelos have held close ties for many years as ambassadors that have proudly taken our culture around the world. Two hallmarks of Galicia that pay tribute to our origins.

1906 Tour.
A trip into

A trip back to the city of A Coruña as it was in 1906, with its unique, liberal and modernist character, and which ends in MEGA.

An innovative experience that starts with a guided tour of A Coruña’s Old Town as it was back in 1906, in the company of actor and historian Suso Martínez, and which ends in MEGA, our home.

The aim of this joint venture is to strengthen our ties with our origins and contribute to the development of our local community.