You are part of Our Family, that’s why on 06/19/2019 we opened Our Heart and Our Factory. And again from 19.06 we reopen. We return being the same and you return being Our Priority.


You are our number one priority and your safety always comes first; for this reason we have taken measures that will improve your visit with full guarantees.

A welcome kit.

Less exposure to contact is much safer, which is why we will provide you with everything you need for a fully individualised experience: a stylus pen for all our interactive resources, ingredient samples and a glass so you can learn the perfect serve with us.

We’ve limited visitor numbers.

Fewer visitors, but a much more personalised service. This is why all guided tours must be booked beforehand, in order to arrange times and routes that will prevent groups from coinciding.

Strict hygiene and cleaning protocol.

Reducing the presence of infectious agents makes for a much safer environment, which is why we have installed gel dispensers in all areas of the museum, as well as a disinfectant mat at the entrance and virucides on our self-serve taps. What’s more, MEGA is cleaned and disinfected each day with deionised water, and extra cleaning is carried out daily in the toilets and on all contact surfaces.

Personal protective equipment.

Fewer possibilities of transmission is much safer, which is why we provide visitors with masks and nitrile gloves. In addition, all our staff members are equipped with masks and face screens and use sanitiser gel on a regular basis.

Air renewal.

Reducing the presence of infectious agents in the atmosphere is much safer, which is why the air in our facilities is constantly renewed.


Reducing the possibility of contact is much safer, which is why we have installed signs and notices to remind us all of the safety measures and the need to comply with them. There are also floor markers for social distancing.

Adapted experiences.

Less interaction with the facilities is much safer, which is why we have installed protective screens for counters and introduced measures to avoid having to touch doors or curtains during the tour. In short, we have adapted all the experiences to ensure your full enjoyment and complete safety and peace of mind.


Visit us and discover why your experience doesn’t end at MEGA. There’s a big surprise waiting for you at the end of the way.


Our experience takes in all five senses; as a result, in order to guarantee your safety and that of our staff, we have opted for virtual workshops and tasting sessions.