1. Beer is our business. We have been brewing beer for more than 115 years. MEGA is our way of sharing our know-how and century-old tradition with you. 

2. That is why we create one-of-a-kind experiences crafted to offer you an alternative way of enjoying beer. 

3. The perfect tool to fend off the standardisation of beer. 

4. Slowbeer experiences, meant for lingering over. Visit MEGA and take all the time you need to observe, touch, smell, drink… and enjoy.  

5. People are our staple ingredients. A team of professionals with proven knowledge and expertise who will accompany you from start to finish. A natural, additive-free team. 

6. We are the museum for an independent, family business. Owned entirely by the Rivera family, now in its 5th generation. 

7. We invite you to experience and enjoy the world’s only beer museum integrated into a working brewery. And you’ll find it here…where our origins lie…in Galicia.  

8. An interactive museum, brimming over with magic and innovation. A 360 experience personalised to suit your tastes.  

9. Creativity and sustainability are our guides and our passion sets us apart from the rest.  

10. We love beer above all things. Welcome to our world.