1. Identification of the service provider

Domain www.mundosestrellagalicia.es
Commercial name MEGA
Corporate Tax ID B 70476676
Corporate Address José María Rivera Corral no. 6 A Coruña
Registry Data Registry of A Coruña Volume 3569 F140 C53913
Contact telephone 981931906
Email address info@mundoestrellagalicia.es

2. Use of the Web sales platform

Any person who accesses and/or uses this web sales platform automatically acquires the standing of USER and in the same way, of CUSTOMER, once their purchase has been made.

Merely browsing and carrying out any transaction through the web sales platform implies the acceptance of the General Contracting Conditions stated herein, which apply regardless of the general contracting conditions that may be obligatory to comply with according to current legislation.

3. Object of the General Contracting Conditions

This document is intended to regulate and communicate the general conditions for purchasing tickets to Museo MEGA (Mundo Estrella Galicia), through http://entradas.mundoestrellagalicia.es thus complying with that stipulated in Law 34/2002, on Information Society Services and E-Commerce (LSSI-CE) and also in accordance with that established by Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007, dated 16 November, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws and Law 7/1996, dated 15 January, on Retail Commerce Regulations.

The sales service of the aforementioned tickets is for payment. However, simply accessing the information contained on this web platform is not subject to payment of any amount.

The owner and service provider reserves the right to change any information that may appear on this website, without there being any obligation to previously notify or inform the USERS of said obligations, it being understood to be sufficient to publish it on the website.

4. Ticket purchasing process

To make a ticket purchase, the following steps must be taken:

Select the type of experience that you want to purchase.

Select the date and time of the visit

Select the rate and number of tickets.

Enter the contact data for sending the confirmation of the purchase and the tickets to be printed at home or downloaded on your cell phone.

Proceed to carry out the payment through the corresponding payment gateway.

5. Payment method

The following is admitted as a payment method:

Credit card or PayPal.

6. Delivery of the tickets

Once the purchase has been finalized, the CUSTOMER will receive a confirmation message at the email address provided, along with the tickets purchased as a file attached in PDF format, to be printed at home. A booking number will also be sent to them. THE CUSTOMER may also download the tickets on their cell phone. Both the printed document and the downloadable file on your cell phone include a QR code which can be scanned at the MEGA Mundo Estrella Galicia ticket office to redeem the ticket.

7. Returns and exchanges

Once the ticket has been purchased, this cannot be exchanged nor can its amount be returned. Loss, impossibility to attend on the scheduled date or making a mistake when making the purchase will not be sufficient to allow for said return.

Only in the case of cancellation or closure of the Museum will the CUSTOMER have the right to be reimbursed the fully amount of the ticket purchased, which shall be carried out using the same method in which the payment was made.

8. Invoicing

In application of that stipulated in art. 1 of Royal Decree 1619/2012, dated 30 November, which approves the Regulation in which the invoicing obligations are governed, the service provider shall issue the corresponding ticket purchase invoices which they shall make available to the CUSTOMERS, via mail or email.

9. Accessing MEGA with a ticket

For admission to the Museum, it will be necessary to always carry and present the corresponding ticket purchased through this web sales platform, duly printed at home or downloaded on your cell phone, or even get it at the ticket office beforehand. Admission is subject, in any case, to said ticket being complete and in good condition.

The Museum reserves the right to cancel the visits of the CUSTOMERS without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances of force majeure or the performance of official or other kinds of acts that cannot be postponed. In these cases, MEGA Mundo Estrella Galicia will reimburse the full price of the tickets, the CUSTOMER renouncing any other type of compensation for the same.

Likewise, the Museum reserves the right to refuse admission to any person exhibiting inappropriate behavior or who seriously and/or repeatedly breaches the internal rules and regulations of the facilities, which will be available to all in the access building. Therefore, the violation of these internal rules and regulations or the any CUSTOMER committing acts that may cause damage, offense or danger to the safety of people or things, at the time of access or during their visit to MEGA Mundo Estrella Galicia, will authorize the museum to immediate expel them, without having the right to reimbursement of the ticket for that reason.

The ticket purchased will only be valid for the selected day, being invalid in any case of subsequent days.

9.1. Internal Rules and Regulations

You are in a beer culture museum space. Please behave appropriately and respect all its rules of use. Right of admission is reserved. We thank you for taking care of and maintaining MEGA Mundo Estrella Galicia following these instructions:

It is forbidden to smoke in, eat in, or access the building with animals (except for guide dogs). 

Do not take pictures with a tripod. 

Do not enter with backpacks. 

Do not enter with umbrellas. 

Do not touch the historic collection of objects of Estrella Galicia: bottles, barrels, etc. 

Do not talk on your cell phone in the exhibition sections 

Do not run or speak loudly.

Do not bother, push, or prevent other visitors from adequately enjoying MEGA. 

Minors must be accompanied by an adult who will be expressly responsible for them during their time at MEGA. 

Minors are expressly prohibited from consuming alcohol during their time at MEGA. 

Certain MEGA exhibits offer the possibility of tasting different products which contain gluten. 

It is not permitted to take pictures or videos of MEGA images for any commercial use without the written consent of Mundo Estrella Galicia SL.

The products purchased with a reduced rate require the presentation of the corresponding credentials, before entering MEGA, to be approved. 

The possibility of purchasing MEGA tickets and special timetables are at the full discretion of Mundo Estrella Galicia SL.  depending on their needs. 

Minors cannot participate in any kind of scheduled workshop or activity in which food with alcohol is used. 

The purchased ticket must be used within a margin of fifteen minutes before or after the entry time. Entering outside of this time frame shall depend on the capacity availability at the time. 

Every ticket purchased may only be used within the same date of purchase. 

9.2 Special group access

A group visit is considered to be visitors who come to the Museum as part of a previously defined and organized group, and consisting of a minimum of 8 people up to a maximum of 45.

Groups may make reservations through the visitor assistance modality.

Group visits to the Museum shall be carried out, in any case, in the days and during the times previously agreed upon with MEGA Mundo Estrella Galicia.

9. 3 Special access by minors

Minors may only access the facilities of the Museum:

duly authorized by their mother, father, guardian/legal representative, according to the following form, which must be filled out and delivered when accessing the Museum facilities,

and accompanied by their mother, father, guardian/legal representative or responsible adult which the former expressly authorize, according to the form attached as the attached form, which must be filled out and delivered when accessing the Museum facilities.

Likewise, the mother, father, guardian/legal representative or responsible adult expressly authorized by the same to accompany the minor, must show their ID or another equivalent identification document, when accessing the Museum facilities.

10. Liability

The service provider is free of any kind of liability derived from the information published on this website, when said information may have been manipulated or entered by a third party outside of themselves.

The service renderer does not guarantee the quality, exactness, reliability, correctness or morality of the data, programs, information or opinions regardless of their origin, which may circulate on networks which the USER may directly or indirectly access, through links or any other form, through this web platform. The USER therefore assumes, under their sole responsibility, the consequences, damages or actions which may be derived from accessing said contents as well as their reproduction or dissemination.

The service provider will not be liable for violations of the USERS that may affect the rights of other USERS, including the rights of copyright, trademarks, patents, confidential information and any other right of intellectual or industrial property.

The service provider is not liable for the information and content stored, by way of example but not limited to forums, chats, blogs, comments, social networks or any other means that allow third parties to publish content independently to this web platform.

The limitations of liability indicated will not affect or harm the mandatory rights that the USER has, depending on their place of residence.

However, the service provider is fully available to USERS and the authorities, forces and bodies of security of the State, to actively collaborate in the removal or blocking of all digital content that may affect or interfere with national or international legislation, the rights of third parties, or morality and public order.

11. Intellectual and industrial property rights

All the contents of this web sales platform, including, without limitation, texts, graphics, images, website design and intellectual property rights, as well as all trademarks, trade names or any other distinctive sign, are the property of the service provider or its legitimate owners, reserving all the rights over them. By means of these General Contracting Conditions, no intellectual or industrial property right is granted over [hyperlink of the website] nor any of its integral elements.

Under the provisions of art. 32.1, paragraph two of Legislative Royal Decree 1/1996, of 12 April, which approves the revised text of the Intellectual Property Law, reproduction, distribution and public communication of all or part of the contents of this website, including how they are made available, are expressly prohibited, for commercial purposes, in any medium and by any technical means, without prior written authorization from the service provider. Any use not previously authorized by the service provider will be considered a serious breach of intellectual or industrial property rights.

Designs, logos, text and/or graphics unrelated to the service provider and which may appear on this website, belong to their respective owners, being exclusively responsible for any possible controversy that may arise with respect to the same.

The USER acknowledges that the reproduction, modification, distribution, marketing, decompiling, disassembly, use of reverse engineering techniques or any other means to obtain the bar source code, transformation or publication of any result of unauthorized reference tests of any of the elements and tools integrated onto this web platform constitutes a violation of intellectual property rights, being thus obligated not to carry out any of the aforementioned actions.

The USER expressly agrees to:

Not delete or alter any distinctive sign used as a trademark or trade name (graphic, logo, etc.), element protected by copyright or other notices, legends, symbols or labels that which appear on this website.

Use the information they obtain from this web platform for their own needs and not directly or indirectly carry out commercial use of the services to which they have access through the same.

Refrain from causing, by using this website, the destruction, alteration, disablement of data, programs or electronic documents belonging to the service provider or to third parties, as well as entering or disseminating programs, viruses, applets, Active X controls or any physical or electronic instrument or device which causes or is likely to cause damage or alterations in the network, in the system, or in the equipment of third parties.

12. Social networks

The presence and dissemination of the Museum, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat or in any others that exist or may exist in the future, will be managed only by the service provider. The access and use of these platforms requires the acceptance of the general conditions of each platform and is governed by the rules and the privacy policy indicated below:

The profiles of the Museum on the aforementioned social media platforms are merely a space for exchange, knowledge and dissemination of exhibitions, shows, workshops and the various activities carried out in their facilities.

The followers of each profile will be obliged to use each platform correctly, to comply with its specific rules and also with the rules detailed herein.

The Museum is not responsible for contents published by users nor are they identified with any of the opinions that said users publish in the profiles of the referenced platforms. In any case, the Museum reserves the right to hide or lock users and comments:

of a publicity nature and/or spam which have no connected with the subject of the publications on the social networks of the Museum;

which insult, demean, threaten or in any way may cause upset; or

which, in any other way, constitute violations of any current regulations.

The contents published on the Museum networks will be under the authorship and ownership of the Museum itself, or the authorship of third parties which have freely published said contents on the aforementioned networks (including photos and videos) and which have previously authorized the Museum to share, disseminate and/or republish them, on their profiles. The authorship of said content belonging to third parties will always be acknowledged.

If the author of a specific content wishes to remove it from the Museum’s profiles, that right will be respected, which must be exercised by means of a notice via private online messaging or the social network itself

13. Privacy Policy

Mundo Estrella Galicia, S.L. shall ensure full compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 dated April 27 (GDPR) and Organic Law 3/2018 on Personal Data Protection in the processing of the personal data collected in the process of acquiring and purchasing tickets. Rights of access, rectification, deletion and limitation of processing are recognized under the terms established in the  Privacy Policy.  

14. Applicable legislation

These General Contracting Conditions are subject to Spanish legislation. Except in cases of consumers and users or in which the competition is determined through the law itself, the USERS and the service provider, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may otherwise correspond to them, submit themselves to the Courts and Tribunals of A Coruña for the resolution of all conflicts which may arise from or are related to these General Contracting Conditions.

If any clause included in these General Contracting Conditions is declared to be totally or partially null or ineffective, said nullity or ineffectiveness will affect only said provision or the part of it that is null or ineffective, with the General Conditions in all other matters remaining intact, taking said provision or the part of it that was affected to be unestablished.

15. Contact us

For any kind of doubt, query, suggestion or claim in connection with these General Contracting Conditions, you can write an email to us through the email address: info@mundoestrellagalicia.es or telephone number: 981931906, through which we will try to help you as quickly and effectively as possible.