If you’re still wondering whether a visit to MEGA is a good idea, then you’re in the right place. 

MEGA is a way of understanding, perceiving and observing the world, based on our origins, tradition and identity, forged from a history dating back more than a century. 

MEGA is a different world. The Estrella Galicia world. And to discover it, you have to learn to appreciate beer on the MEGA level. That’s the reason why we have created a unique space in which to touch, smell, see and experience it like never before. 

Taste buds tantalised yet? We’ve got lots more to tell you. But for the time being, read on to discover our top ten reasons – or excuses – for visiting MEGA – the Estrella Galicia world. 

1- We are culture

Spain’s first and only museum dedicated to the culture of beer. 

Just in case you haven’t realised – we are unique, just like our beer. Behind every glass of Estrella Galicia there are roots, symbols, a family, character, a rich legacy and a history that is definitely well worth the telling, but which also deserves to be experienced at first hand. This is why we decided to create not just Spain’s first and only museum dedicated to beer, but also a museum with a difference, where visitors can discover and experience the culture of beer to the full. 

2- We are a brewery

A museum inside a working Estrella Galicia brewery in A Coruña. 

We want you discover what our world is really like, which is why we decided to locate our museum inside our brewery in A Coruña, the only place where Estrella Galicia is produced. We want you to find out about our production processes in the best possible way – experiencing them side by side with us. 

3- We are a museum

But a museum that is more about experiences than just standing and staring. 

MEGA is a museum that is out of the ordinary: an experience-based museum offering much more than just exhibits. At MEGA, you will have the chance to understand, taste and discover all about the culture of beer – its history, how it’s made, the ingredients, our loving care and expertise, the evolution of the Estrella Galicia brand…In short, a beer lovers’ paradise in which to experience and sense your passion for beer to the full. 

Not sure yet how to pull the perfect pint? We’ll let you in on that secret too. 

4- We are sensations

We experience beer with all 5 senses

At MEGA, you will be able to touch, smell, see, feel, drink, eat, laugh and listen. Because it takes all 5 senses to truly appreciate beer, and we want you to enjoy the full experience. In our world, the intensity and quality of experiences is what matters, and MEGA is the result of that philosophy – a place that takes beer to the next level. 

5- We are groundbreakers

The first to make a stand for the value of beer 

Our museum is also a way of giving a voice to the recognition the culture of beer deserves, and in this too we are pioneers. It is a way of opening up the fascinating world of beer that lies behind the doors of Estrella Galicia: with passion, showmanship and offering a multisensory experience. 

6- We are the home of Estrella Galicia

Culture and history nourished by beer

The culture of beer is part of our DNA. It can be found in our brewing methods, our ancient traditions, our tasting sessions, the way we innovate and a history going back more than a century. Because if beer is culture, then that culture is ours. 

7- We’re tradition

Lovers of the art of crafting beer

We have our own particular manner of going about things, based on meticulous attention to every detail of the production process, the finest ingredients and a unique vision of innovation, passed on from our artisanal legacy and skill. We do things our way; it’s what we are. And our museum couldn’t have come about any other way. 

8- We’re a destination

Your pilgrimage centre

We want MEGA to become a site of a cultural pilgrimage around Galicia, Spain and the entire world. Our goal is to become a leisure and tourism destination for lovers of beer, lovers of Estrella Galicia and lovers of culture – because beer is culture too. 

9- We’re fun

Beer pairs well with having a great time

We are convinced that fun is an essential part of the MEGA experience, which is why we have come up with a series of activities that will add to your enjoyment of your independent or guided tour of MEGA. An opportunity to dive headlong into the authentic culture of beer, with pairing and tasting sessions, beer-pulling workshops, as well as special events featuring music and gastronomy. 

10- We are #MEGAlevel  

Taking beer to the next level

MEGA not only offers an experience unlike any other, thanks to our unique museum that is unlike any other you will visit, but it also takes the definition of a museum to new heights, entering the homes of authentic beer lovers with our special packs, online workshops and activities designed to help you continue enjoying new and exciting experiences. 


Still want more? Choose your experience, personalise your visit, come and meet us and don’t leave it a moment longer to enjoy beer on a MEGA LEVEL.