You are part of Our Family. That’s why we opened Our Heart and Factory to you on June 19, 2019.

We are opening up once again on June 19. We are the very same and you are still Our Number One Priority.

Less is

So much more

You are at the heart of our priorities and your safety is paramount. That’s why we’ve taken measures to enhance your experience and guarantee your safety.

A welcome pack.

The less exposure to contact with others, the better. That’s why we’re giving you everything you need
to have a totally individual experience: a touch pointer for all of our interactive resources, a sample of our raw materials, and a glass to learn how to pull off the perfect pour.

We’ve reduced our capacity.

There will be fewer visitors, but much more individualized attention, so guided tours will only be given with a reservation. Tour schedules and routes will prevent crowds from forming.

Strict hygiene and cleaning protocol.

The fewer infectious agents, the better. That’s why we’ve installed hand sanitizer stations in all museum areas, as well as a disinfecting carpet at the entrance and disinfectant at our sinks. MEGA also cleans and disinfects daily with deionized water. Bathrooms and high-contact surfaces are cleaned even more frequently.

Protective equipment.

The lower the risk of transmission, the better. That’s why we’re providing all visitors with masks and nitrile gloves. Our entire team also wears masks and face shields
and uses hand sanitizer regularly.

Air renewal.

The less time infectious agents stick around, the better. That’s why our facilities are constantly being ventilated.


The lower the probability of contact, the better. That’s why we’ve installed signage to remind everyone of the safety measures and how to comply with them. There are also marks on the floor to help maintain social distancing.

Adapted experience.

The less physical interaction with installations, the better. That’s why we’ve installed
protective screens at counters, implemented measures to keep people from touching doors and curtains throughout the route, and adapted all experiences so that you can enjoy them while staying

And if you’d like to learn So Much More…

Visit us and discover why your tour doesn’t end at MEGA. A big surprise awaits at the end of the road.

… Much More


Our experience requires all five senses; that’s why, to ensure your safety and that of our staff, we’ve decided to make our classes and tasting virtual.