In the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula nestles a region whose forests, beaches and magical spots surprise and delight everyone who visits them. The name of this region is A Coruña.  Indeed, Galicia is one of Spain’s most popular regions with visitors due to the mystical charm for which it is renowned. Because here, magic and reality merge into one for a unique experience that you will never forget.  We would like to tell you about a particular corner of Galicia and the area where our business is based: A Coruña. We are immensely proud of our land, our delicious octopus prepared Galician-style, our wines and cheeses and our beaches. 

The top ten must-see places in A Coruña 

We don’t want you to miss a thing, so here are the top ten must-see places in A Coruña if you want to enjoy your experience to the full: 
  1. The Tower of Hercules
  2. The Port of A Coruña 
  3. A Coruña’s historic quarter
  4. The Compass Rose
  5. San Antón Castle
  6. San Pedro viewpoint
  7. María Pita Square 
  8. A Costa da Morte
  9. Campo da Rata sculpture park 
  10. The Estrella Galicia Museum (MEGA)

The Tower of Hercules 

Shrouded in mystery, myths and legends, the Tower of Hercules is one of A Coruña’s principal landmarks. Indeed, it is the world’s oldest working Roman lighthouse, although it has been remodelled several times over the centuries.  The views from the tower are simply breathtaking and your gaze will extend out to the far horizon. From the top, visitors can admire the matchless panoramic views, whilst at the bottom, they will discover archaeological remains that will provide a fascinating insight into the many ancient legends associated with the tower.  And one last thing: if you’d like to feast your eyes on a spectacle of light, visit the lighthouse just as the sun is coming up. Its light beam merges with the dawn rays, affording a truly unforgettable sight. 

The Port of A Coruña 

The Port of A Coruña is a hive of activity, with the coming and going of ships that sail the seas in search of adventure. A place that is definitely not to be missed, especially if you have a seafaring soul.  Countless types of vessels can be spotted here; you may even be lucky to see one of the huge training ships: foreign vessels that house on board museums offering visitors an intriguing vision of the culture and customs of other countries.  This area is also home to the Casino and La Marina Avenue with its spectacular gallery windows, a sight guaranteed to surprise and delight. 

Coruña’s historic quarter 

A Coruña’s historic quarter offers you a fascinating insight into its history, lined with coastal-style buildings, magnificent windows and streets bustling with life. You can enjoy a stroll along Rua Real, as well as other streets such as Franja, Galera and Estrella.  Here you will find the city’s principal areas for leisure and entertainment; you can follow a wines and tapas route and enjoy live performances guaranteed to delight your senses with their authentic Galician essence. 

The Compass Rose 

Just below the Tower of Hercules is the emblematic Compass Rose, a mosaic that will guide all those that have lost their way.    This site has been considered to be of spiritual relevance since time immemorial; the centre of ancient legends that have been passed down from generation to generation until the present day. It is a place of meditation for many, as well as boasting stunning views of Riazor Beach. 

San Antón Castle 

The city has been besieged on numerous occasions, and for its residents San Antón Castle is a symbol of strength and resistance. In 1994 it was listed as an Asset of Cultural Interest under the ‘monument’ category, and it also houses A Coruña’s History and Archaeology Museum.  Also worthy of mention are the various roles the castle has played over the centuries: in the 16th century it was a fortress that defended the city from invading forces, and it has also been used as a prison and quarantine hospital for seafarers with infectious diseases.  

San Pedro viewpoint

Any city worth its salt has a viewpoint from which to admire the cityscapes and A Coruña is no exception. Mount San Pedro rises up at the far eastern end of Riazor Beach and its peak boasts breathtaking views of the city.  It goes without saying that there is also a restaurant and vast green spaces in which to relax and admire the sunset over a delicious glass of chilled beer. 

María Pita Square

This square, nestling in the heart of A Coruña, is named after one of the city’s heroines: María Pita.  The full name of this feisty woman was Mayor Fernández de la Cámara Pita. History has it that the English navy, led by the privateer Sir Francis Drake, laid siege to the city of A Coruña.  However, María Pita’s bravery and determination to defend her city instilled the Spanish troops seeking refuge with courage and they fought side-by-side to repel the attack. In fact, María Pita killed one of the standard bearers and, to the surprise of the English troops, the Spanish carried out a memorable attack that forced them to retreat.  The imposing statue of María Pita stands in the name that proudly bears her name, sharing this space with the magnificent City Hall of A Coruña, making it an absolute must-see for visitors. 

A Costa da Morte

It is impossible to speak of A Coruña without mentioning one of its best-known and most emblematic sites: A Costa da Morte or ‘Coast of Death’.  It takes some time to explore every corner of this natural space, which boasts beaches and hiking routeslong trails as well as an important cultural legacy. Indeed, it will take more than a day to discover. Take your time to enjoy this area to the full in what will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience. 

Campo da Rata sculpture park 

The Campo da Rata sculpture park is home to a set of monuments standing around the Tower of Hercules, which was included on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2009.  There are two main installations: the monument by Isaac Díaz Pardo in memory of the Republicans executed by firing squad and the Menhirs of Peace, by Manolo Paz. It is also the site of the House of Words, a former Muslim cemetery.        This site is steeped in symbolism, with an unmistakeably Celtic atmosphere and an air of mystery and charm that UNESCO valued when determining that this was a place that should be conserved for all eternity. 

The Estrella Galicia Museum (MEGA) 

More than just a museum, this is an authentic symbol of the culture of beer that can be enjoyed by everyone.  MEGA offers you the chance to take part in numerous workshops and events where you and beer are the main attractions. You will learn to craft your own artisanal beer and take part in a beer tasting session. In addition, you will tour our brewery and learn the secrets that go into making top quality beer. Always under the guidance and expertise of our master brewers. With a Galician cheese tasting session for good measure!  If you’d like to live an authentic Galician experience in A Coruña, then we encourage you not only to enjoy our beer, but also our world. We want to show you how we live our beer culture to the full, the values that forge our essence and to share our everyday life with you, so that when you leave, you’ll dream of becoming an artisan too.  Visit us at, and immerse yourself in the essence of our beer!